3-Pack Variety (0.3"/ 0.3"/ 0.5")

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By far our most popular size! The construction of the .3” is unrivaled and provides you the best support with the most secure hold in the game. The perfect tape doesn’t exi…. oh. 

Common Uses:
  • Individual Fingers
  • Toes
  • Buddy Taping Fingers/Toes
  • Quickly cover small cuts along the cuticle
  • Smaller strips can be used to help isolate the thumb when securing it or the wrist.


A roll with extreme versatility. This can be used for both smaller joints on larger bodies, and larger joints on smaller bodies. The support is the same regardless of application, and the quality is always second to none.  

Common Uses:
  • Isolating the Thumb
  • Isolating the Big Toe
  • Buddy Taping Fingers/Toes
  • First pass around the foot and or ankle
  • Wrapping smaller wrists and creating Thumb Spica
  • PROFESSORS - This is a PERFECT Tape to issue Stripes with on your students' belts!
  • Taping a Hockey Stick Handle/But or Blade.
  • Taping Baseball Bat Grip
  • Taping Hands for Boxing/MMA/KickBoxing
Pack Includes
  • 1 Roll of 0.5 inch Monkey Tape x 15 yards     
  • 2 Rolls of 0.3 inch Monkey Tape x 15 yards 

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