A unique blend of fabric that never falls off. The best tape for all sports & athletes.


A unique blend of fabric that never falls off. The best tape for all sports & athletes.

Why Monkey Tape?

Its simple, Monkey Tape is the strongest stuff out on the market. Our tape is constructed from a unique blend durable fabric that is guaranteed to last longer than other grappling tapes.

Maintain Your Grips

Why should you use Monkey Tape? Here's why.


Support a current injury and promote healing with use of our tape.


Prevent injuries and strengthen grips with strong, sticky tape that comes in multiple sizes and colors.


Perform better no matter what sport you practice from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to tennis, rock climbing, cross fit, golf, volleyball, basketball, football and rugby. 


Depend on a product that works every time and won’t fall off. Our tape is durable and assured to last longer than other tapes on the market.

Athletes That Believe In Monkey Tape

Empowering everyday athletes to prevent injury, recover faster, and play hard.

Monkey Tape is the best tape for jiujitsu or grappling. I have never been an advocate for any tape before as other tapes would just come apart once they got wet. When I used Monkey Tape I expected the same but even after 3 practices the tape stayed on. The adhesive was unlike anything on the market. Also the sizing was perfectly fit already for my fingers. They have all cuts as well so even larger sizes I could use to wrap my wrists or knee. Now I religiously use Monkey Tape the best the best tape period.

Baret Yoshida

I have been climbing for over 10 years now and injuries have often gotten in the way of me sending my projects. Pully injuries require months of rehab and often major orthopedic surgery. Monkey tape allows me to protect my most important tool..... my grip. Holding on, progressing one move at a time and crushing projects. Monkey tape Serious tape for serious injury free climbing grips.

Julia Gumpert

I’ve been involved in Jiu-Jitsu for over 23 years and I’ve used all types of tape for my body while competing and training. I have to say that Monkey Tape is by far the best non slip athletic tape I have EVER used in all my years involved in Jiu-Jitsu. I highly recommend Monkey Tape for any Jiu-Jitsu athlete serious about giving your fingers that extra protection while on the mats.

Jared Weiner, BJJ United

How Can We Help You Heal?

Find the Monkey Tape Product that’s right for you!

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Try our Zebra Variety 4-Pack to find what works for you!

Regular price $12.00

Pack Includes:

  •  1 Roll of 0.2 inch Monkey Tape x 15 yards
  • 1  Roll of 0.3 inch Monkey Tape x 15 yards
  • 1  Roll of 0.4 inch Monkey Tape x 15 yards
  • 1  Roll of 0.5 inch Monkey Tape x15 yards 
  • Black and White variation 

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