Refocus and Reset - Be an inspiration in your season of uncertainty

Refocus and Reset - Be an inspiration in your season of uncertainty

In this season of uncertainty, as a community we’re all experiencing some type of hardship. Difficult situations and mixed feelings have us wondering if we’ll ever train Jiu-Jitsu again this year. For some of us, it’s a lot more serious. Loved ones or perhaps you may be experiencing difficulties affected by the aftermath of pandemic. 

Some of us are wondering when our gyms will reopen or if they’ll ever open? For others it could be, “When is our next meal coming”? “Will I recover financially from this”? “When will I see my family or friends again”? “Will my loved ones be okay”? “Will things ever get back to normal”? Our minds begin to spin with worse case scenarios. Stacking one possible catastrophe after another. Not to mention the time we spend scrolling through our phone absorbing the negative content we see on all our social platforms. It's enough to make a person exhausted throughout the day. With so much going on in the world I had to do something for myself to make sure I didn't lose focus on what I was put on this earth for. I had to do something fast, especially during this time. I had to refocus and reset. 

Refocus: After processing the world's current situation along with mine. I had to re-shift my focus on what I can do to better myself. I got tired of seeing others attack each other on the news and online. So I decided if I want to see a better world then I need to be a better version of myself. I wanted to inspire others in a time of uncertainty. But more importantly, I wanted to encourage others to inspire others in a time of uncertainty. I honestly believe in a time of uncertainty means a time of focus. 

So I fixed my focus on making the man in the mirror a better version each day. I began to read more, reach out friends and family. Exercise more compassion, empathy, patience and understanding. I made positive posts and added positive stories on my social platforms so if you found my profile you’d be greeted with encouragement and hope. I realized if I wanted light then I had to be the light in a room full of darkness. The more I pursued this mission, the more it became contagious to my inner circle. All that was left now was to reset the goal.

Reset: With fear and so much on going right now, we’re limited on what we can do but we have a lot more power than we think. Once the pandemic hit, like most of us our training progress and tournament season came to a halt. For some of us, our health and fitness hasn't been the same. Our goals we had planned in 2020 were dashed. In order to avoid a mental rut I had to reset my goals for 2020. By resetting, I mean to modify or tailor it to what you can do now or what’s available to you to progress you towards that goal.

I didn’t have access to a weight room so I used the one kettlebell I own as a universal tool to build strength at home. I found other sources of cardio from riding my bicycle. I had to supplement my income so I did freelance work to pay bills and fund next season. I had to practice with a grappling dummy to keep my Jiu-Jitsu sharp. We are still pursuing the same goals we had planned but we are just modifying the way we do it in wake of the current situation. In Jiu-Jitsu, we adapt to the given position. That’s all we are doing now. Adapting. Your goals for 2020 can still be attained but in a different way. Maybe not the way you planned but it’s still a way. All you have to do is reset (modify or tailor) the goal. 

In perspective, your 2020 was never lost. It’s just a matter of refocusing and resetting your goals. But more importantly, being a source to uplift others in this time of uncertainty.