1-Pack (1 Inch Tape)
1-Pack (1 Inch Tape)
1-Pack (1 Inch Tape)

1-Pack (1 Inch Tape)

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Larger rolls for larger joints! This roll can do a lot for every athlete no matter what field they play on. Unsurpassed quality and construction because you don’t need to worry about if your equipment will hold up while you compete.

Common Uses:
  • Taping Feet and Ankles
  • Creating a Thumb Spica
  • Securing Knees
  • Covering Gauze on cut from potential headbutts and elbows while training or competing.
  • Taping a Hockey Stick Handle/But or Blade.
  • Taping Baseball Bat Grip
  • Taping Hands for Boxing/MMA/KickBoxing
Pack includes:
  • 1 Roll of 1 inch x 15 yards Monkey Tape

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